Decades of experience in handling and using our raw materials. 
Natural products meet high-tech and innovation.

Our success is rooted in experience with our natural resources gained over decades: Weakly and medium-decomposed peat raw materials form the essence of our substrates. Our expertise lies in particularly low-impact extraction and processing, and hence in preserving the intrinsic structural integrity of these valuable raw materials.

At our production facilities in Latvia, we process our raw materials into a wide range of high-quality special substrates. Besides peat as the main constituent, organic and mineral additives play a crucial role in determining the physical properties of our growing media. It is the blending of the various peat raw materials with selected constituents, as well as lime and fertilizer, which makes a top-grade special substrate.

Ongoing investment in the digital control of our mixing facilities, dispensing of additives, and reliable quality assurance ensure that Compaqpeat always keeps pace with technical innovation and satisfies all quality standards.

We are continually enhancing our substrates even further, and facilitate sharing of information between our partners, our customers and our employees. With our range of growing media, we are able to provide the ideal solution for any segment and any application in the international commercial horticulture sector.

Our production sites

Production site “Rucava”

Puces, Rucavas pag., Rucavas nov.
LV-3477, Latvia

Coordinates: 56.179709, 21.157565  

Production site “Balvi”

Lutinanu purvs, Briezuciema pag., Balvu nov.
LV-4595, Latvia

Coordinates: 56.945990, 27.468918

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