Custom solutions for specific conditions

The growflex product line enables our customers, working hand in hand with our technical experts, to develop specific recipes – as tailor-made solutions for a given set of conditions, both technical and otherwise.

Drawing on our extensive know-how, we develop individual solutions with you. 

If specific conditions require customization of standard recipes, our experts work with our customers to analyze the on-site situation and meticulously craft just the right blends.

This results in the creation of special growing media whose composition fully takes account of the special conditions at the customer’s premises. And our experts provide advisory support during cultivation so that a given substrate can be continuously enhanced still further.

Special conditions include the following: 

  • Special crops with particular requirements as to fertilization, raw materials and additives, and physical and/or chemical substrate properties
  • Special growing systems and propagation systems
  • Site-specific irrigation systems
  • Specific local climatic conditions
  • Geographical and country-specific factors

A number of professional sales agents and partners represent our products across the world.

Contact our sales team. Contact our sales team.
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