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Terraerden Universal Lawn Substrate


While the best time to start sowing the lawn is the second half of April and almost the whole May, it can be done until the middle of September. Therefore, for hobbyists who did not have time to sow the lawn yet or want to restore the existing one, we have a perfect solution – #Terraerden universal lawn substrate. This #hobby line product meets the highest requirements of not only hobbyists, but also professionals. The substrate is intended for use in playground, ornamental and sports lawns and lawns in recreational and home areas, stadiums, golf courses and for landscaping and maintenance. It is also suitable for improvement of structures of various soils. The substrate is produced according to a special recipe from high-quality organic medium decomposed raised bog peat, free of pathogens, parasites and weeds. Contains a balanced amount of mineral fertilizer NPK, trace elements, limestone and wetting agent, which ensures proper water penetration into the surface and even distribution in all layers.

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