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New Screening Line in Rucava Factory


Quality is encoded in our DNA and our constant investments into the most advanced equipment is a part of our promise to deliver only the highest quality products. It was an exciting day at our Rucava factory yesterday – installation of a new state of the art peat screening line was finished and the first test batch of peat was screened, which can be seen in the shot video. Equipment used in production is usually invisible to a final client, but is nonetheless essential for the final result, the quality of the product.

The new screening line will not only push the qualitative parameters of our products to the new heights and increase effectiveness of production, but also will allow us to get more required fraction during screening, to produce the highest quality extra fine grade (3-5 mm fraction) or super fine grade (0-3 mm fraction) peat for seeding.


Interested in our highest-quality peat substrates or peat? Do not hesitate to contact us at info@compaqpeat.com.

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