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Product info - QTS 3 aecoQcube


We are continuing the series of posts with short introductions of our different substrates and their benefits.
This time – QTS 3 aecoQcube.

#aecoQcube is a novel system for cultivating young plants in soil blocks, which have until now mainly been produced from black peat. Previous systems based on black peat may have certain disadvantages: they are heavy, easily become compacted, do not allow sufficient aeration of the rooting zone and, if they dry out, require rapid rewetting.

Soil blocks made using QTS 3 aecoQcube:
✅ are superior to normal blocking substrates as a soil block with larger dimensions can be produced. This makes them suitable not only for propagating young vegetable plants, but also for young ornamental plants and for cuttings;
✅ keep their shape very well and do not fall apart during processing. They are less compacted, containing more heatable air and more oxygen for the roots;
✅ have good buffering capacity due to the balance between structurally stable white peat on the one hand, and more strongly decomposed peat that has good buffering properties on the other. This is optimized by the highly beneficial attributes of the special clay used;
✅ have superior swelling capacity and shrinking properties to soil blocks based solely on black peat. The amplitude between dry and wet conditions is ideal for many crops. Soil block produced using QTS 3 aecoQcube will, even if they appear somewhat dried out, still have enough plant-available moisture without the blocks being too dry or too wet;
✅ hold water very well, but are also good at allowing excess water to escape from the block. This results in shorter irrigation intervals than for those soil blocks made entirely from black peat;
✅ weigh about the same as those produced solely from black peat, when moistened for cultivation. The weight can, however, be considerably reduced for transport. This means that transport costs are lower and greater volumes can be loaded.

QTS 3 aecoQcube comes in two different recipes:
☑️ QTS 3 aecoQcube (Rec. 201)
☑️QTS 3 Organic aecoQcube (Rec. 607)

You can find some photos of our QTS 3 aecoQcube in use in the first comment.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more details or a quote!

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