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Product info - QTS 2 potting substrates


Even though our clients know our products and the benefits quite well, appreciate the quality, a part of our LinkedIn followers might not be familiar with our product range. Therefore, we decided to post short introductions of our different substrates and their benefits from time to time.

Our professional QTS 2 substrates for potted plants have increased water absorption and holding capacity thanks to a specially adapted mixture of medium and medium-coarse white peat structures. The growing media also has excellent re-wettability thanks to a high clay content and a clay of particularly good chemical and physical quality. A rapid-acting fertilizer (Osmoform) ensures vital green leaves early on and increases the photosynthetic performance of the plants. As a result, they are simply greener. These substrates contain the particularly effective trace nutrient fertilizer, Microcomplex FE, which supplies the plants with all important trace elements.

EcoFibri® wood fiber makes special protection against excess water with excellent drainage properties, improves the oxygen supply in the root zone as well as the structure of a substrate and enables the production of homogeneous substrates. EcoFibri® is a sustainable constituent that we produce ourselves, using it in substrates makes a valuable contribution to conserving peat resources. Our wood fiber is certified by RAL and undergoes regular quality controls. The use of EcoFibri® also reduces the weight of a substrate and thus keeps transport costs to a minimum.

Our QTS 2 potting substrates can also have perlite mixed in, which ensures high and stable air balance. If the substrate is already in a dry state, wetting perlite with water helps quite well. Substrates with perlite are well-suited for plants that have a high demand for air in the root zone combined with a longer cultivation period. This includes many green plants in pot culture. Young plants that are sensitive to excess moisture also greatly benefit from the addition of perlite.

Our QTS potting substrates are available in different standard recipes:
- QTS 2 Potting, medium coarse (rec. 701)
- QTS 2 Potting with EcoFibri® + clay, medium coarse (rec. 702)
- QTS 2 Potting with EcoFibri®, medium coarse (rec. 703)
- QTS 2 Potting with perlite + clay, medium coarse (rec. 704)

Need a custom recipe? No problem! We can adjust the recipes according to your special needs.

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