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Compaqpeat presents its new corporate logo


Much has changed during the 20 years since we started up: a well-established player in our sector, we are now among the leading producers of high-quality substrates for commercial horticulture throughout the world.

Our new logo reflects our refreshed, modern identity and shows the journey which we have travelled over the past years.

Our claim “foods for roots” underscores the importance of growing media in feeding the world. Our substrates are a vital basis for optimum root growth in plants – whether as fruits and vegetables that provide nutrition, or as ornamental plants, trees and shrubs that make our lives greener and more colorful.

Our green Q represents our commitment to quality. The key factors driving our success are threefold: our products, our customer support and, above all, our employees. We are a family business with a strong team spirit. With great passion, we consistently give our best to fully meet all our customers’ needs.

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